together, dear :)


    if we can fight together, we must strive together
    If we can play together, we must pray together
    If we can plan together, we must stand together
    If we can cry together, we must try together
    We must strive together, if we can fight together
    We must pray together, if we can play together
    We must stand together, if we can plan together
    We must try together, if we can cry together
    We will hold hands together
    Laugh and smile together
    Share our secrets together
    And help each other together
    We will confess our fears together
    Wipe each other’s tears together
    Confort each other together
    And confide in each other together
    We will talk about the darkness together
    Scream in pain together
    Feel each other’s pain together
    Plan our future together
    And endure our suicides together
    For together, forever we bring
    The best, the good of it all

    dear you, please be my man forever and live happily ever after together. For us❤

sadly, miss the old you


It is dark, no moon, no light 
Just darkness, a starless sky
The wind blows, the waves break
A single firefly passes by

Soon the firefly is gone
Leaving me in the darkest of nights
The tiny fly made me anticipate
A sunrise with the finest of lights


oh dear, i swear i miss the old you, a lot

it just about the time, my dear


Time will come, time will go
Time shall reap, that time has sown

Time comes slowly, time goes fast
Time will linger, time outlasts

Time sees all, time knows best
Time remembers, time never forgets

Time will hide, time will reveal
Time will open, time will seal

Time brings hope, time brings fear
Time brings distance, time draws near

Time will help, time will hinder
Time will shine, time turns to cinder

We forget about time, yet it’s all we would know
In time, there is everything, and time will show

Welcome holiday


Holla guys, hmm yeah I’m very busy this month. I followed the short term, almost a month and it also coincides with the month of fasting. so you can imagine when I am fasting and not at home because i should have do my college and a week ago I had just finished my exams, so excuse me if I have not had time to write. yeaaah but finally holiday just coming and I finally I could relax at home all day long can sleep and wake up so late can lay on bed everytime watch tv or another fun activities, can hangout or wattch movies with my family and shopping and also fasting umm of course at home with my lovely family. Really its a nice quality time with everypeople who i love. So it is my beginning holiday haha i hope your holidays are also fun yaaps and papay just wait for the next writingHangout with mum and brother

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